When do you expect product to ship?

Our current projected timeline for delivery is 2020. We will keep all of our backers & pre-order supporters updated with the latest news as we receive it. Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list!

Where are you currently shipping?

Right now, we are accepting orders that ship to the contiguous US. Once we have product in-hand and negotiate the best available rates with our shipping providers, we will open up orders to include all of our friends both near & far.

How many colors will be available?

Our flagship colors are teal, pink, navy & orange. Each color is available for both Collapsabottles and Collapsacups. Eventually, we hope to have even more colors available. The more support, the more we will grow!

Is there a cap? And how small does it get, really?

Each Collapsabottle & Collapsacup (single & 2-packs), as well as our Starter Pack, comes with caps included. The best part is, our caps have a flat top! Most bottles have rounded tops which makes storage in the house challenging. Our flat top caps allow the collapsible containers to be stacked, which makes storing them more compact, resulting in better-organized cabinets!

Fully Collapsible Baby Bottle with Lid, Pocket-Sized Bottle for Babies

As for size – We like to compare it to the size of a hockey puck, both in width & height. Mom can easily slip it into her purse, and Dad can tuck it away in his pocket. Travel light, we always say!

How can I tell how much liquid my child is consuming?

There are ounce markers labeled on the bottles and sippy cups. We are currently working with our manufacturer on the transparency of the bottles. We will ensure that you can easily see the liquid to know how much you have filled and how much your child is drinking.

Can my child collapse the bottle?

No, not unless your child is the Incredible Hulk. We have worked with our manufacturer to test the hardness of our materials to make the silicone thick and sturdy enough that a baby and/or young toddler cannot collapse or squeeze the bottle too hard and collapse it. Parents will be able to collapse the bottle when necessary with ease.

Can the bottle hold formula powder while collapsed?

Absolutely, yes! You can easily add pre-measured scoops of formula to the container and collapse it for storage/travel. When you're ready to feed your baby, open the bottle, add water, and shake! Once the baby is done drinking their milk, you can collapse the bottle for easy on-the-go storage in your diaper bag until it's cleaning time.

Are the collapsible bottle & collapsible sippy cup the same size?

Yes, all of our containers can hold a maximum of 10 fluid ounces (fully expanded). The only difference between the bottle & sippy cup is the interchangeable top. The size of the screw-on tops, bottoms, handles, and collapsible containers are exactly the same, which means you can mix-and-match freely & not worry about matching up sizes!

Have a question that's not answered here?

Drop us a line at info@collapseandgo.com, and we'll be happy to answer any & all questions.